Northern Fabricating takes pride in its willingness to take on any type of job and see it taken from the concept phase to completion. We can work with rough materials or something that has been machined and is ready to use. The scope of the work we take on is determined solely by our customers needs. We frequently work with both large and small quantity orders, have the ability to reverse engineer everything from a casting to a complete fabrication, and are convinced that once you've worked with us you'll agree that we are a shop that can handle the full extent of your most pressing needs.

Some of the products and industries we work with:

  • fabricated gear blanks
  • items for the steel mills
  • items for auto manufactures
  • the aerospace industry
  • electric motor & generators
  • crane manufacturers
  • ship & barge manufacturing
  • the railroad industry
  • transit system
  • water treatment plants
  • military
  • snowplow manufacturing
  • power plants
  • dozer buckets & blades
  • construction equipment
  • landfill equipment
  • mining
  • communications

Our Capabilities

Rolling ---- 3/16'' thru 6'' Plate - Both HOT or COLD

We have some of the largest plate rolls in the eastern part of the United States to help meet any requirements. Our plate rolling equipment, skilled operators and the knowledge we've gained from years of experence combine to produce light to heavy wall rolled and welded cylinders and segments of the highest quailty. We can make single or multiple courses as necessary. Available lengths are dependent on the inside diameter of the cylinder (HOT or COLD), the type of material that is being rolled and the ID to material thickness ratio.

We can roll our own material or we can work with your supply. If you are going to be providing your own material please consult with our sales representative for the correct material size required for the job.


1000 ton x 18'-0'' bed: ( 12'-7'' between the housings )

1500 ton ( 4 post ) x 6'-2'' daylight: We have the ability to custom form or bend parts per your requirements on our press brake or 4 post press. We can bend either hot or cold as needed.

Punching ---- 180 ton.

[ hydraulic & mechanical ]

Northern Fabricating is fully capable of fulfulling all of your punching needs. We can supply the material or you can provide us with your blanks and print and we can punch them as required in all types of material.


We have the ability to saw material up to 12'' x 12''.

Burning ---- 4 torch ( 12'-0'' x 30'-0'' table )

Burnt parts can be produced per your requirements from our material or yours.

Shearing ---- 3/4" pl. x 12'-0" wide

We provide shearing on your material or ours.


Various sized radial drill presses

Angle Rolling

Contact use for capacity (based on shape)


Sub - Arc ( 1200 amp )

Welder Certifications:

Weld can be tested if required by the following means:

Preheat & Postheat furnaces

various sizes

Stress Relief Furnace

125'' wide x 125'' high x 185'' long car bottom with ( 8 ) 1.5 million btu's burners with automatic controls. We have the ability to provide a multi point chart showing the temperature and recording it within 12 points.

It is necessary that your fabrication be properly heat treated thermal heat treated or stress relieved. Our furnaces are specified to steel materials that have been formed, flame cut, of welded, prior to final machining to reduce residual stresses for dimensional stability and to increase service life.