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Smart Choice

With almost a hundred years of experience you won't go wrong when choosing Northern Fabricating for all of your fabrication needs.


100% Natural Gas Heat Treatment

All of our furnaces are natural gas fired.

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Why Choose Us?

Northern Fabricating Company, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of high quality fabrications for a variety of applications. We work from customer prints, comply with your specifications, and ship the highest quality products at a reasonable price. Paying strict attention to details such as material quality, welding procedures, and inspection requirements ensure the highest quality product is manufactured. We are proficient in working with all type of material from common low carbon material to the more exotic.

He have experience with various material:

  • low carbon steel
  • high carbon steel
  • high strength steel
  • high strength, low alloy
  • stainless steel
  • clad material
  • inconel™
  • monel™
  • hastolloy™
  • copper

Just to name a few we have experience in:

  • fabricated gear blanks
  • items for the steel mills
  • items for auto manufactures & processes
  • aerospace
  • electric motor & generators mfgs.
  • crane mfg.
  • ship & barge mfg.
  • railroad
  • transit system
  • water treatment plant
  • military
  • snowplow mfg.
  • power plants
  • dozen buckets & blades
  • construction equipment mfg.
  • landfill equipment mfg
  • mining
  • communications