About Us

Northern Fabricating Company (also commonly refered to as Northern Boiler Company), was founded in 1916 by John Kosman. After spending numerous years in blacksmith shops he learned the trade, and had a vision to form his own company and eventually went on to do just that. He went out and purchased land and had a building constructed, purchasing the equipment he knew would be needed to produce quality fabrications with a high degree of accuracy at a reduced cost. This became the hallmark for his success which is still being carried out today almost a100 years later. Northern Fabricating is 100% American and is still owned by the original founders family.



Northern Fabricating Company, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of high quality fabrications for a variety of applications. We work from customer prints, comply with your specifications, and ship the highest quality products at a reasonable price. Paying strict attention to details such as material quality, welding procedures, and inspection requirements ensure the highest quality product is manufactured. We are proficient in working with all type of material from common low carbon material to the more exotic.